Ed Callirgos, LMFT​​

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 


Chances are you have come to this site because you and or someone you love are looking to "fix it!" Fix your conflict, your addiction, your relationship, your guilt, your pain or your loss. I am here, not because I know more or am better than you. I am here because I care about you & your relationship. Right now you may feel alone, not understood, ashamed or scared. You are not alone! Let me help you, let me listen to you, lets work on this together. Contact me for a free 30 min meet and greet appointment!

Although I work with a variety of areas, I specialize in the following: * Domestic Violence Focused Marital Treatment * Infidelity - emotional, physical, and through pornography * Post-Divorce counseling * Group counseling for Domestic Violence offenders and victims available-please call to be put on list *Therapy is also offered in Spanish

I specialize in high conflict couples & anger. I work with tough issues & provide validation, guidance through non judgement & empathetic listening but I am not afraid to challenge when appropriate. I look forward to serving you in a safe space that nurtures hope and strength for you & your relationship.

- Ed
Contact Ed Callirgos directly at:

  (480) 234-2266

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"I look forward to serving you in a safe space that nurtures hope and strength for you & your relationship."



We provide individual and couples therapy.  Together we cultivate a safe space where we can explore  your hope, pain, shame and fears. We then help you find hope and strength in your self and in your relationships. 
We provide organizational consultation by working alongside businesses to create healthy work environment for its employees and increased performance for employers.
We provide profesional mediation by trained and experienced mediators. By using healthy communication, negotiation and goal setting strategies-which help parties come to an agreeable solution.