Mediation offers two sides the opportunity to resolve a dispute with a neutral party - the mediator. The method used in mediation requires both parties to recognize outcomes of past events, in a prospective manner. Through the use of healthy communication, negotiation and goal setting, mediation can help the parties to come to an agreeable solution that will give the best result in order to meet the needs of all those involved in the process
We offer our services in English and Spanish! 
As well as offering remote access mediation to serve our international and busy client schedules.

Areas of Focus

  • Seperation & Divorce

  • Family Mediation

  • Business & Corporation Mediaiton

  • Work Place Mediation
  • Neighbor Mediaiton



The Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation consists of individuals with degrees in marriage and family therapy, professional counseling and Law. We have fully licensed therapists and graduates from law schools. Our team consists of those specializing in high conflict relationship issues, trauma, therapeutic intervention, Co parenting and domestic violence. We do offer our services in English and Spanish and also Remote Video Therapy.

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